27 July – Clarity on the TERS vs Short-time benefit fund

New “communication” problems are developing around the R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) grant which the President re-instated on Sunday. Herewith a short synopsis of currently available funding:

  • TERS is designed as a Covid relief fund, to support employees and employers who are not able to operate to full capacity because of Covid.
  • Short-time benefit is to subsidise employees’ income where they have been put on short time, whether due to Covid, unrest or poor trading conditions generally.
  • The R350 SDR grant is only available to unemployed people who do not have access to UIF. If an employee loses their job, they would claim from UIF, not from SRD.  Once they exhaust their UIF benefits, they may then qualify for the SDR. The UIF, SARS and DSD collaborate to make sure that no one with streams of income are able to double dip.

For more information or assistance please contact Mr Francois Oberholzer

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