Lebogang Mphahlele

Sappi Research Officer: Tree Breeding


  • MSc in Forestry and Wood Science

My job entails designing and conducting nursery and field experiments to deliver genetically improved material to plantations and out-growers. It requires me to plan, conduct and evaluate research trials, which include looking at tree survival rates, the conservation of genetic material and assessing pest and disease threats.

Passion for science
I chose forestry because I am passionate about trees and love working in nature, which provides a relaxed environment that reconnects one with her inner being. I am inspired to see the impact forestry makes to society, environment and wildlife by producing necessities such as forestry and non-forest products.

“I would encourage young women to consider pursuing careers in forestry science. I firmly believe they are more than capable of not only participating in the field, they can be future leaders in this field.”


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