FSA presents the SAWS Long Term Weather Forecast

Going forward, FSA will post the South African Weather Service (SAWS) Long-term Weather Forecast on the FSA website’s new page. This will include a summary, as well as, the detailed report received from SAWS.

February to June Forecast
The forecast for the coming months looks positive in timber growing areas.

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is currently in a La Niña state, which while weakening, will remain in a moderate La Niña state going into the autumn season.

The multi-model rainfall forecast for early autumn (February to April) indicates above-normal rainfall for most of the country, with the exception of parts of Limpopo and the Eastern Cape who can expect below-normal rainfall. Above-normal rainfall is also widely expected in mid-and late-autumn (May to June), the only exception being parts of the Eastern Cape who again will receive below-average rainfall.

Above normal minimum temperatures are expected in the north-eastern half of the country for the entire forecasts period with the south-western parts of the country expected to be below-normal. Maximum temperatures show a similar pattern, however, the below-normal maximum temperatures are expected further north into the interior of South Africa.

To read the report in full, click here.

Photo credit: Dave Hoefler, Unsplashed

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