SOP Bee-01

June/July newsletter – Forestry is ‘abuzz’ over TIPWG’s Bee SOP

Congratulations Roger Poole and your team for the informative and interesting ‘Read the Label’ Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that championed bees.

While we are all familiar with the global plight of bees, this SOP reaffirms how we as an Industry and Sector can help reverse their decline. Reading the label is an obvious, fundamental and essential aspect of responsible pesticide use and one we should be continuously and consciously promoting.

We look forward to seeing whether our members do pick up the TIPWG gauntlet and start planting bee gardens, I would like to think their aim of 20 new gardens is well within our reach.

We are also thrilled that CropLife has added the TIPWG SOP to their website. This is testament to the great working being done by the TIPWG team and we look forward to seeing what they produce next!

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