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Feb/March Newsletter: Roger Godsmark – an icon of the South African Forestry Industry retires

Anybody involved in the Forestry business in South Africa either knows Roger personally or knows of him by name. Roger is one of those larger than life individuals who, during the 33 odd years that he has been working for the Industry, first through Forest Owners’ Association and now through Forestry South Africa, has become what one could term an icon. This has arisen as a result of his absolute involvement in almost everything that happens in the Industry, his complete dedication to the wellbeing of the Industry and his empathy with all who work in the Industry.

Roger is one of the most unselfish people you could ever wish to meet. During his time with FSA, nothing was ever too much for him, nothing was impossible to do, and nothing was ever of too little importance not to be taken seriously. He treated everything as a challenge, big or small, and as a true professional, addressed everything in meticulous detail. He did this tirelessly and without complaint over a long period of time. His value and importance to the Forestry Industry over the last 33 years can never be overstated. His efforts have saved the Industry hundreds of millions of Rands in financial terms alone. His knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly be sorely missed. We will similarly miss his incisive wit and infectious good humour.

As Roger begins this new chapter in his life, we want to wish him everything of the very best for the years ahead. The Forestry Industry will not forget him. We know where to find him and his advice and wise counsel will surely be sought.

Thank You Roger for being such a great asset to the Sector, a wonderful work colleague, a friend to many and above all, a very sincere and decent human being whom we admire and appreciate.

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