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28 January 2020

Forestry South Africa (FSA) has launched a new corporate website. FSA, the country’s largest forestry organisation representing timber growers, has enhanced its web presence under www.forestrysouthafrica.co.za.

Dr Ronald Heath, research and protection director, says, “Subsequent to the development of a communications and promotions strategy, FSA decided to structure a new corporate website which allows the industry to better position itself as a significant contributor to the South African economy, society and the environment.”

Its very successful Forestry Explained pages have been absorbed into www.forestrysouthafrica.co.za as one complete website, with www.forestryexplained.co.za remaining as an active URL.

Apart from presenting an overview of FSA’s roles, functions and structures, the new website provides useful information and case studies, while showcasing industry initiatives, such as environmental partnerships, community outreach and forestry-related recreational activities.

The website also provides users with access to the latest industry statistics, links to other forestry-related websites and forestry news.

In addition, FSA has introduced a ‘members only’ login section comprising a database through which members can access:

  • FSA documents – annual reports, audited financials, forestry statistics, presentations and position statements, as well as relevant legislation.
  • Forestry photographs – these can be viewed as thumbnails before a request is submitted for high resolution images.
  • Forestry research – members can access Institute for Commercial Forestry Research bulletins, technical notes and other FSA-funded research.

On behalf of FSA, Heath thanks Bronwyn Hayes and Fevertree Media sincerely for the many years of dedicated support and partnership. We wish Fevertree Media continued success in its business endeavours.” FSA intends to maintain a mutually-beneficial working relationship with Fevertree Media.

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